Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 10 - I'm starting to Panic

Tuesday and we only have 2 more days here and then we fly home. I don't even want to think about leaving this paradise....let alone trying to figure out how to pack it all up to get it home! LOL!!!

Santa Cruz is the little village where the pier is. It was our first sighting of this area in 2004 when we came here on a Celebrity cruise through the Panama Canal. This is the activity area - where you go to catch snorkeling boats and other local excursions. We went back to town today to have some more cerviche for brunch.

Each little village has a square in the center that is a park with a pagoda. This one is actually a restaurant with a liquor store underneath it.

And each village has a market....this one probably has at least 50 little shops each 10x10. It is truly hot walking through the halls with absolutly no air circulating and it's 96 outside. I just don't know how these people work in these conditions....but they must acclimate to it as I didn't see anyone sweating.

Back to the pool and then a nap and then dinner tonight was out on the plaza. I felt like we were dining alone. We had a front row table with a full view of the ocean. I think the resort has less people here today than ever....there were only about 12 at dinner tonight. But then I looked outside at 9 pm and almost all the tables were full. I think we Americans just eat early!

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