Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Attn: Colorado crafters!!!

Hi everyone! I've had a monthly play group for some time now and I'm splitting it out - growing it into 3 days a month. June will be the first go at this and I thought I'd see if any of my Colorado readers are interested.

I'm located in Lafayette which is 8 miles east of Boulder, 10 miles south of Longmont, 26 miles NW of downtown Denver.

I'll describe it below. If you are interested, please email me at I will send out the official invitations around the 1st of June.

June 18, 10 - 3p, Technique Thursday. This will be the most expensive day as you will need to invest in tools and bring our own supplies. I sort of figure that if you are interested in something, you might as well invest in it! Each month will be a different technique. This month, we are going to experiment with crepe paper and tissue paper. We will be making vintage tissue paper garland and experimenting with how to make it glitter (it usually disolves with the application of water). We'll also be using diecuts and crepe paper to see what kind of flowers we can come up with (I'm thinking very tiny flowers) and again, how to add glitter to them. This is a more advanced group and you will be expected to already know fundamental techniques (we're just not going to have the time to teach basic diecutting and such.) Bring your own lunch. Limited to 12 each month. No kids under 12.

In July, we are going to be experimenting with acrylics over a variety of mediums. I will have a supply list by June 18 and you can order things that you might need out of my catalogs and get 25% off and the product will be here in time for the July date. We'll do this each month since I know it's getting harder and harder to find craft supplies in Colorado.

June 19, 10 - 3pm, Fun Friday. Fridays will be a time to get together and work on anything you want. You just bring your own stuff, bring your lunch, and we'll gab and play all day! No fee at all. Nothing structured although we might share some simple techniques or whatever we have learned new the prior month. You won't have to invest in tools or product for this play day. If you knit, bring your knitting! It's not limited to any one craft - it's just a day to get together and play. Limited to 12 each month. No kids under 12.

June 20. Shopping Saturday. We'll meet at Larkridge Mall (I-25 & Hwy 7 just north of 470 up north) and take off from there in carpools. Each month will be a different "loop". For June, we'll go to the Treasure Box in Ft Collins, the Creative Underground, out to lunch, and then stop at the Recycle Center in Kelum and perhaps a thrift store if there's time. We'll leave about 9 am andfor those who want breakfast, I'll be at the Village Inn about 8 am. No attendnace limit on this one and you can bring your kids as long as you are willing to drive them in the carpool! But I really don't recommend kids at the recycle center this month! Plan to give your driver a little cash for gas if you carpool with someone else!

If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, let me know and I'll add you to my email lists.

Additionally, Susan Mostek and I are going to start offering classes on all levels out of my home studio. Again, each of these classes will be limited to 12. No one under 12....unless it is a kids class. If you'd like to be on that email list, just let me know that you are signing up for the class email list. Classes will start at $10 and go up, depending on the skill level and amount of product that is involved. We also hope to put together a 3 month calendar so those of you who live on the west slope (or neighboring states) can make plans to come over and play with the rest of us!

Hope to see you all soon!

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Rose said...

Jen I think that actually Saturdays will be more expensive than Thursdays - all those shopping opportunities. LOL