Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Naughty Girl Hat!

What happens when you have a "naughty girl" in your group? Do you make them wear a hat? Well, this hat was almost "desired"!!! I think the gals were being "naughty" on purpose just to get to wear the hat!

And what do you do with fibers and pipe cleaners? Make a fab hat topper? Yep! Just wrap fibers around pipe cleaners and then bend them. Just perfect!

The stamps are from a Stamp of Excellence and just so appropriate! Little kids on swingsets, and playing. Lots of stickles glitter and a little bit of airbrushing.

Well, I guess I'll confess - I got to wear it too!

And you know what? I think the hat has gone "missing'! I think someone liked it so much they must have worn it home!

The retreat is over and I am beyond dead tired tonight. But as the week progresses and I recover, I'll edit more photos and post more stories. I do think it was a huge success and when you see some of the finished art projects, I'm sure you will be blown away by how amazing it is!

Just an unbelievable weekend - so much fun - I'm still laughing!!!

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