Monday, October 6, 2008

Amazing art

I'll be posting art from this past weekend for the next few days. One of the classes was titled D'ART - domino art. I am still just shaking my head in astonishment at the art work that was created!

The actual steps in the process are quite simple. Cover a domino with gesso and let dry.

Cover that with acrylic paint. Then edge with krylon paint pens or perfect pearls, pearl ex, anything shiny.

Stamp on shrink plastic, color with watercolor pencils, chalk, anything you like. Cut out the image. Then heat set it to shrink it up.

Twist and wrap wire, adding beads to the wire.

Attach the wire and art to the dominos using glossy accents or E-6000

To create words, simply write with a thick black sharpie marker, cut around the words and shrink with heat.

Add charms, add as much or as little of anything that you want.

Aren't these amazing?

Glue a pen back to the back of the piece

Or attach the domino to a journal cover

If you drill holes in the domino before you start, you can work your wire in a number of ways.

But even without holes, we found that glossy accents works as a great adhesive to attach wires in just about any spot you can think of.

18 artists - 18 amazingly gifted women. No 2 alike, in fact, they are all so different it's just incredible!

This class was a favorite of many. But stay tuned, there's more art to come!!!

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