Saturday, October 4, 2008

And the award goes too.....

Yes, we had our own "Baby Oscar" awards presentation this morning -
Do you see the "baby oscar"?

When you squeeze it, water squirts out!

I laughed so hard I couldn't see!
And here's the "NAughty Girl Hat" - the "NAG".  I think someone had it on all day long!
Sherri taught us her black hot glue techniques - is this gorgeous?  Yes - hot glue!
And this is one that she "drew" free-hand.
Here's her faux soldering piece - black hot glue with pearl mica powder over it.
I think some people were just a little too serious - but I agree, we all learned tons today!

And that Sherri - such an amazing artist!
Here's my practice piece at free hand work:

And my first attempt at faux soldering with hot glue.  I think I will have to do more of this!
And this evening, we did some domino art using Linda Moore's techniques.

I decided to try copper and think I like that just as well!

Everyone else has gone to bed, so I'll wait til tomorrow to show you samples from all the other gals.  All I can say is that it's been a perfectly wonderful day!

Thanks Judi Hodgkins, owner of Scrapperdashery Paper in London for calling and giving us a chat today!  That was so much fun!!!

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