Thursday, August 21, 2008

What would I do without you?

On so many levels, so many times a day, I ask myself, what would I do without you? Tonight, I am just exceptionally grateful for my local art pals. The "Basement Babes" who are now the "Dining Room Dames" since we have moved upstairs. Instead of our normal monthly play day, they came and helped me cut paper and kit classes for San Diego.

From the bottom of my heart - thank you! Not just for helping me today, but for being such good friends, and for giving me reasons - multiple reasons - to giggle!

Kathy made stitching templates and kitted all day long:

Kelly sorted paper and cut it in tiny little pieces for me

Jane will most likely have nightmares tonight about 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". She must have cut thousands of ATCs for me today!

While Judy shopped! LOLOL! OK, she told me to say that! She cut paper all day long, too! Silly girl!

And Susan came early and left early, but she gave me my morning giggles big time! I was supposed to show her how to do something and when she walked in the door, I said, "What am I supposed to show you? I forgot!" And she just burst out laughing and said, "I knew you were going to do that!!!"

It's just so healthy to start your day out with a good laugh!!!

And then there are my "kids". Kathy brought her dogs, so Men stood "guard" from the steps.....

While Kate refused to close her eyes for a single second! Even when she wanted to sleep! LOL!

It was a great day....we got tons done...and all I can say is that I love each one of you! Thank you so much for giving up a day of your life for me! I promise to give back when we do the retreat here!!!

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TA Carbone said...

Jen I envy you with such wonderful friends and friends who love to do what you do and will help you not matter what.

I am going to see Robin tomorrow as she has somethings for me so I hope to take pictures