Friday, August 22, 2008

Snow in August!

August 15, 2008, driving east on I-70, coming down Vail pass looking towards Copper Mountain. Now, in order for it to look that white from the road, there's probably a foot of snow or more on the top. Not just a dusting of snow....a major storm!

I stopped at Dillon Resevoir and took this shot looking back to the west.

Driving east from Silverthorne towards Eisenhower tunnel. Again, a shocking amount of fresh powder for the middle of the summer! I guess I don't understand "global warming" at all!

Approaching the west side of the tunnel:

I have to ask this the result of cloud seeding? Are we, as humans, changing the weather? Colorado is a very dry state and we do need the moisture....but snow in August? This much snow? When it freezes, leaves turn and drop. This part of Colorado may see an early fall.

Well, I just wanted to get current with last weeks photos! Tomorrow I'm off to demo at the convention in Colorado Springs. I'll be there the next 2 days. And then on Monday, I leave for San Diego. I have all the class kits done, all my supplies packed, my clothes are even packed! Everything I need to demo this weekend is ready to go! But I still have 2 projects I'd like to finish before I leave Monday afternoon! Wonder what the chances of that are going to be? Stay tuned!

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Gerrie Johnnic said...

With a shiver.....your "global warming" comment almost made me spit my 1st cupajoe all over the screen! Thanks for the good laugh, and the photos GF! hugz