Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Come play in my rooms

My last class project. Oh dear, what will I do now? LOL!

It's another ity bity room book:

Folds open to 4 "rooms"

First room is Lucy with the birds

And then a room that is a pop-up bouquet of flowers

As seen from the top

and then the bird room:

and room for an owl

you gotta love those quiggly eyes!

and a view from the top

So easy to do and all done with 1 sheet of paper, scraps and stamps!

Best buy that ticket to San Diego and come play!!!

Tomorrow is my Basement Babes day. I've talked most of them into coming over and helping me cut paper for class kits. Such GOOD friends!!!

And this weekend, I'll be demoing in the After Midnight Stamps booth at the expo in Colorado Springs. A 2 day show, so I'll pop down and spend Saturday night with mom.

Now....I'm sitting here, just wondering how I am going to manage to get everything done? Well, one thing at a time! Next, I have to write the blog for Scrapbook Your Life's site, then make up my class boards for these last 3 classes, package the samples up to get to the mail in the morning, and then clean the house for tomorrow. Hmmm.....I wonder if there's any chance I'll get to bed before midnight?

And when am I going to have time to pack for this trip to San Diego? I can sort of feel the panic button starting to kick in! LOL! Do you think my friends would do my laundry for me tomorrow as well? LOLOL! Maybe I will blog about doing laundry tomorrow. Anyone hate that as much as I do? The only thing worse in my book is grocery shopping! Kerry and I will put that off for weeks at a time!!!

Til tomorrow!

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