Monday, August 25, 2008

Torrey's in town!!!

For those of you who know and love Torrey....she's in town! Today was the only day I could catch a few moments with her, so I kept her to myself for a little bit!

And then Jodi came and we all went to Zamparelli's.

Oh Tor! How I have missed you! But even for a few minutes was like stepping back in time! Just a few minutes and my creative juices are flowing, I have a zillion ideas...and as usual, no time to get them out of my brain! LOL!

Sure looks like the "three muskateers" to me!

And tonight I'm in Eagle and tomorrow, my sis and I head out to San Diego. Will be a great road trip!

And I've got tons of photos from last weekend to upload yet. Here are just a few. In the Aftermidnight booth, Kathleen was demoing on the other side. She was working with opals, sea glass, and fantasy film. Well, this first pendant was made with a pick:

I made one almost identical to this....using one of my Lucy McGoo stamps:

another pendant:

oh! isn't this just gorgeous???

Anyone want a tutorial on this one? LOL!


TA Carbone said...

Yes please give us a tutorial. That last one is amazing


Gerrie Johnnic said...

?You have to ask? Silly.....

JD said...

I've missed you both SO much... (((( heart hugs ))))))) to two of the most creative geniuses in the world!!

Jolaine (aka JD)