Sunday, August 24, 2008

Twisting Colorado Style

Driving home from the convention tonight, I thought I was watching a "water spout". But when I came up over the hill just north of Castle Rock....and looked out to the east...there it was! A tornado! Touching down on the ground. It was amazing. I kept thinking I should just drive away, but instead, I got out of the car and started taking photos!

The first one was taken from inside the car, then I got out. I'm showing them in the order I shot them.

I thought that it was breaking up (above) but then it came back together and started moving again:

and then it died off. Just an amazing experience. Kathy called, she and Peggy were driving home from the convention as well and had seen me taking the photos! How funny! And I called Kerry and he said it was on the local news. But I think being there, being outside, watching it in person, was just an amazing experience.


Linda said...

That is really spectacular! But luckily it didn't change direction :)

Margie Higuchi said...

Jen, these are FAB pictures!!! WOW!

I have to agree with your last sentence...seeing it with the naked eye is just amazing!

Cool pics! TFS!

Anonymous said...

Jen, When I got home and saw this on the news and knew you were driving through this I was worried,. I am so glad you are safe and insane enough to take pictures for me!!!
Hugs to you -- by the way you forgot to leave your luggage with me -- :)

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Amazing...yep....Crazy....yep!.....nuts to stay and photo...yep!!! So glad I just read your blog and am NOT a passenger in your car!

Unknown said...

WOW! Totally amazing! And to see this same "land spout" on the news! Golly! I don't know if I'd call you brave or crazy! LOL! Glad you are safe!

TA Carbone said...

Well Jen we all know your crazy, lol, but this is amazing. I always wanted to see one myself. Your photos are fantastic. But most of all thank goodness it didn't come your way.


Sheila-rita said...

Holy Cow! Those were amazing pics.

Anonymous said...

UNBELIEVABLE shots....I would have been laying in the ditch! And there you were taking pictures! LOL

I'll bet you already have a scrapbook page laid out for the pics! You have really encountered some unusual weather on this trip.

Glad you're ok, and that you won't miss the San Diego trip!

See you soon,

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

I think the only reason that I was not in the ditch is that I had been watching this thing for about 45 minutes and it had not moved. When I got up over the hill and saw it was a tornado....I also saw that it was not moving much at all, just rotating and kicking up all that dust.

I did have a line of trees and knew that if it moved pas that line...I would have been in my car and out of there faster than anything! LOL! Yes, very lucky to have seen it, and very lucky that it wasn't moving!