Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beach Bag Party Aug 30

Have you figured out by now that I'd much prefer to have a party than teach a class? So I figure, why not have the best of both worlds? On Saturday night, we're going to have a PAJAMA party at Scrapbook Your Life! Wear your beach themed pjs - I have mine packed!!! And yes - we're going to make books out of white lunch sacks. I know - everyone is using brown bags and making "brown bag books" - but I just figured if we used white bags, they'd be a bit more colorful!

Isn't that gorgeous? Oh! Just wait!!! It's so much better in person and if you live in San Diego, run on down to Scrapbook Your Life! cause the book is at the store!

I'm going to teach you how to color seashells and make pockets to tuck them into:

How to alter stickers to match anything (this one was yellow, blue and red - check it out here

The cover title is "Come and Play" "by the Sea"

Come and spendsome time with me
We'll go play down by the sea.

Pick up shells we find today
Keep these treasures tucked away.

I'll show you how to make pop down pages like this:

And fold out pages like this:

Sure makes an ordinary book way more interesting!

The rest of the little poem:

Palm trees swaying, sailboats list
Can you feel the ocean mist?

Even when it's only me
Life is good down by the sea!

Check out Scrapbook Your Life's blog for even more details like:

Wear you beach themed pajamas!

Cook hotdogs on the grill and chow down while we watch movies on the wall

Limited number so call the store and sign up fast!!!


Edie said...

I'll be the merwoman looking up through the bubbles in your beverages - quick! Catch the glint of my eye moving away before you can really see me?


3000 Miles is a bit far for me to come to a pj party - but if you ever have one on the SE coast, I'm THERE! For real!

Someday, can we get a rootie-tootie-woocie-tutie?


Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Edie! I'll be in Indiana in July - can you make it there? And it's possible I'll be in Florida in May. We'll see how the travel plans all work out. You just never know when I might pop up in your neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

I so wish I could take all your classes. You have no idea how I love those little books but I am soooo afraid to start one on my own and sadly,my stores here in town don't offer any classes... :(
But I live "throug" your experiences...ha-ha and maybe I'll try to make one book one day.
I love the other one you made using brown bags "play date" LOVE IT.
Keep inspiring me maybe one day I'll be strong enough to make my own....
Love reading your blog

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Sylvia! Email me directly and if I have any class kits left over, I will mail you one! That way, all you have to do is figure out where the paper goes and paste it down!

They really are quite easy to do and just so much fun! But I like the ones with all the flips and folds in them!

Glad you like the blog. I've got 3 more classes to design and plenty more to put up here on the blog! Stay tuned!