Thursday, August 14, 2008

Turn your Scor-it into an Enveloper!

OK, I have the mini Scor-it, the full sized scor-it, the Scor Pal, The Enveloper, and numerous other score boards.

Which is best???

ALL of them! LOLOL! Seriously - they all do different things.

The Scor-it does the very best score of any of them. Hands down. If you want to scor in metal, chipboard, Bazzill cardstock - you need the Scor-it.

I did a tutorial for the company showing how to turn the Scor-It into an enveloper and then using my Bind-it-All, I turned the envelopes into a cute little book!

Click HERE, then find the project named "Envelope Book" (right now it's the first project) and click on that. A pdf file will open up that you can print.

I like that the score tool is attached (that way I won't lose it - a huge problem for me!) and that you can move the stop to position you paper anywhere (not limited to pre-set grid lines)

The Enveloper makes envelopes. I did a tutorial on that. Click HERE. I like this product because I can make any sized envelope. I'll be teaching that process in San Diego!! No, you're not limited to their templates - you cut any square or rectangle card and make an envelope to fit it! Yeah!!!

This week, I'm playing with the Scor Pal. It's a full 12" x 12" with tons of score lines, so you can do just about any fold that you like without moving your piece of paper. If you stay tuned, that blog will be coming up.

It would be great if one company could come up with a board that does it all! LOLOL! But I find I use the Scor-it to do single scores or scores in thicker stuff (which obviously I use more of than anything else!) I use the enveloper to make quick envelopes and I can already tell I will use the Scor Pal when I want to make multiple scores on a single piece of thinner cardstock.

Yeah, my studio is getting quite full!

The people at Score Pal have made a lovely HUGE carrying bag and ALL of my boards will fit down inside of it - makes it easy to take them all to crops and classes!

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