Monday, August 18, 2008

Bangle Bracelet Class

Oh! Doesn't this make you just want to hop a plane to San Deigo???

Jammed with fun techniques

And you'll definitely learn how to wire wrap anything!

And how did I find bottle caps with sails on them? Just perfect for San Diego! We'll be flatening them in the Wizard and then embellishing them, both front and back.

Only enough stuff to make up 20 kits, so best call the store and sign up fast! Sat, Sep 13, 11 - 2. Now why did I only give 3 hours for this class? Oh my, I think we just upped the fun factor! LOL!!! And finally, I will have a bracelet to go with my What-a-trip necklace!

OK, who's hopping a flight out? You know you want to! Come on! Isn't it time to play?

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Debby said...

Oh I was I could come and play! Darn! Why don't you come up to Seattle some time?!?! I read your blog every day and think everything you so is amazing. I have something for you on my blog if you are interested. Thanks!