Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More nesting nestabilities

My friend, Ron, said he didn't have any of the round scalloped I thought I'd show him how to use a square geometric die....or even a square punch...and do some nested nestabilities.

Fold the paper on the diagonal

And then fold both tips up to the center top

so it looks like this

Next, fold the tip in half...back out to the side.

on both sides like this:

Then open up that fold that you just made

and fold them down flat like this:

Finally, pinch them together in the center:

You can do 4 of them to get a flower like this:

You can also fold the ends back over and roll it into a circle, put 4 together to have a flower like this:

So Ron, you don't need a circle die....there are tons of tea bag folds that you can do and just play with them..unfold them, pop them up, shape them....make great flowers out of them!

Now....who has the heart nestabilies? I'm sure we can make great flowers out of them. It's the Paisley nestabilities that I'm a bit worried about!!!

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