Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stenciling vs Reverse Stenciling

I thought I would use the cali-lilly die to showcase the difference between stenciling and reverse stenciling. You might want to go back to yesterday's blog for a little refresher.

So, on the cut side of the die, I used my Fluid Chalks and applied ink directly to the die. I sort of made the flowers purple, the stems green and then just added different colors wherever. This is an edgeability die, so the sandwich is just a little different because you have the back side of the card that you do not want to cut or emboss (or ink!)

Place the inked die, ink side down on the FRONT side of an open card. Note that I have started to bend the back of the card up here.

Place the thin white spacer plate on top of the die

Then fold the back of the card up over the top of the thin white spacer plate

You will place this "package" on top of the white cut mat, cut side up.

Place your emboss mat on top of this, emboss side down and run it through the Wizard.

When you remove the cut mat and the emboss mat, you will have a cut line that looks like this.

For the emboss sandwich, you want to place that cut line that you just saw against the tan embossing mat. AFTER you remove the thin white spacer plate.

I know, it's a little confusing, but hang in there...once you've done a hundred of these...it's a piece of cake! LOL!

OK, the emboss sandwich will be (from the bottom to the top)

White cut mat, cut side up
tan polymer pad
paper that has been cut, still in the die
die, cut side down
fold the back of the card to be on top of this
White emboss mat, emboss side down

And run it back through the Wizard

When you take the card out of the die, you will then have ink on the de-bossed areas of the card. The embossed areas will remain white like the original card. Sort of cool, huh?

As you can see, the die is a bit shorter than the card, so next, just trim off the top and bottom, if you want.

That is "reverse stenciling" or "direct-to-die inking" that I talked about yesterday. The embossed areas are not inked.

With this die, you also get 2 separate flowers. I diecut and embossed these, then while the paper is still in the die, flip it over and add fluid chalk to the openings in the die.

This inks the embossed areas of the die....and the debossed areas stay white

Whe you lay the embossed-inked stems next to the debossed-inked card...you can see the difference:

And then I added sentiments from MSE. I just thought this would make a great sympathy card....and I happen to need one to send out this week.

When you open the card...you get the sentiment from the window and the 2 little stems.

And my little bonus secret....take those stems, cut and emboss them 3 times in paper type Art Clay Silver, fire them layered as a bouquet and it makes a gorgeous little pen!!!

So many ways to play with this die....so little time!!! Sort of the story of my life!!!

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