Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Rekab brush factory, Ma'alot, Israel - in the Northern section

This morning, we toured the Rekab paint brush factory.  I learned a lot about how paint brushes are made by hand.  But there are still machines to be used.  This one stamps the name of the brush on the side.  She holds the brush in place.  The stamp above it will go down and stamp, then up and back and down to add more ink.  The ink they use dries in 2 seconds.


The round things to this gal's right are bundles of hair.  Squirrel, goat, muskrat.  She was making make up brushes today.  She measures them out, cuts them to shape,  weighs the amount she has, then uses a string tie to insert them down into the upper handle (the black tubes at the bottom of the photo.). She has been working here for 23 years.


This gal was doing almost the same thing with synthetic fibers.  They are upside down as she will add glue and then let them set for 24 hours before the handles are inserted.


I didn't get a photo of the machine they use to crimp the metal to the handle.  But that was something to see.  It will crimp any style makeup or paint brush.  This factory does a lot more makeup brushes than anything else but they can custom make anything you want.  That could be fun!

This is Alon - our factory tour guide.  He was so nice and very patient with us while we did our shopping.


Some of the brushes I bought.  It will be so much fun trying them out.


These are pure Kosinsky.  Hand made.  Extremely difficult to find in the US and very expensive.  He sold these to us at about 1/2 wholesale.  It was rather difficult to stop buying them!  But what fun to be in Israel and see the process of how watercolor brushes are made by hand.  He was careful to point out that you could but Kosinsky brushes from China - but they aren't made by hand.  Mom had 2 of these brushes and they are still good after 23 years.  Rekab-brushes.com if you want to go shopping.  He's happy to ship international!

Note that we didn't even bother to look at makeup brushes!  Pretty funny!!!

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