Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tel Dan and Nano's Place

In 2005, we came to Tel Dan.  I have forgotten much and many areas have been upgraded.  It's almost like visiting a new place all over again.  

You start out walking across the bridge with water absolutely rushing beneath you.  And you can't help but wonder where it all comes from.  I remember our tour guide, Ronny Simon, telling us that there were underground springs that fed this.  Fairly even ground so in order to get this much speed, there has to be a lot of water spring forth!


It's very cool along this hike with the overgrowth of trees and the springs on the ground.  They've built a lot of new bridges and paved some of the paths. They even have a handicap trail which they did not have 12 years ago.  Making it easy to bring even more tourists to the area.


The Dan feeds the Kinneret (Sea of Galillee) and then to the Jordan River.  238 million cubic meters of water a year come out of this.  About 120 acres and it is a "Tel" - so layers of civilization have been uncovered in the archeology digs.  We didn't walk to those today but we have visited them in the past.

This is the main spring.  This much water just comes up out of the ground in a single spot.  Pretty amazing to see.


This is called "Pooh Bear's Tree".  It is a Syrian ash tree.  Huge gnarled roots.  Yeah, I think Pooh might put his head in this one!


This is a flour mill built 150 years ago and operated on water power until 1948.


I could have rested at this place the rest of the day!  So still, the reflections are perfect!


After Tel Dan, we came to our B&B.  Nano's Place.  Now....this is a retreat!  Gorgeous views.  Lush gardens.  Beautiful flowers.  And a jacuzzi tub!  We will not be finding a hotel room tonight, that's for sure!  We've been promised breakfast on the patio in the morning!  Can't wait!


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