Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stranded in Kingman!!

Literally!!!  I did leave town on Tuesday!  Got 10 miles east and my Escape died.  It's only 11 years old.  Why did I think it would run forever??  It happened right at a uturn in the freeway.  I got it running, but it just wouldn't take any gas.  Finally got it across the freeway and headed back to town. It was downhill so I coasted most of the way, but it just would not go more than 2 mph on the flat parts.

Then I panicked!  A small incline and 1 lane across a bridge where they were doing construction.  No side road to drive on.  I waited until there was no traffic for as far back as I could see and I pulled out tomstart across the bridge.  And there it came.  A semi barreling up behind me!!  Fortunately, he, too had to slow down to 30 mph...but I'll bet he wasn't expecting to crawl at 2 mph!!

He was a very nice driver and kept quite a distance behind me so I didn't completely fall apart!  I pulled over the moment there was a side and then took the exit off the ramp.  Took the back roads to the Ford dealership where they told me I needed to replace the catalytic converters at the tune of $4000.00!!!

Well, after much discussion with Kerry...many calls to different mechanics in town...numerous calls to Kerry's brother who happens to work at Ford back east....we decided to buy a new Ford Focus.  Had you told me Monday that I'd be buying a new car in Kingman, I would have declared you insane!!  LOL!!!  And since I had to postpone the Backroom Babes til next Thursday, I've decided to stay the weekend and spend Kerry's birthday with him.

Thanks to Design UR Memories and Stamp of Excellence for letting all the students know that I had to postpone our play date!  As a consolation to those who can't make the new date, I'm going to try to do a video of everything and as soon as that's done, I'll come back and put the link here!

All I can say is that my life is never dull...not even when I need it to be!!!

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