Sunday, August 5, 2012

My new "neighbors"

I lived in San Diego from 1989 til 1997 and then in Denver until now.  Living in a small town is quite an adjustment....but I am loving it.  Especially my "neighbors"!!!

I was driving down a street and saw this out of the corner of my eye:

I hit the brakes, backed up, and turned on my iphone camera.  By then I counted SIX of these wonderful creatures!

Their antlers in many as 14 points!  Just meandering from one lawn to the next:

People driving by, riding one even stopped to look at what I was taking photos of!

The walked into the next yard....

Decided it was a better feast....

and started munching on everything in sight.  Including the owner's pretty flowers.

by then, it was nap time!

I probably sat there for 20 minutes just watching them.  Then it hit me....they've been to my garden!!!  I wondered why all my iris were trampled down.  I know for sure one of them found that a comfy spot for  a nap!!!

And my flowers had been nibbled on.  Here I thought I had some kind of bug eating the leaves.  Ha Ha!

Imagine living in a town small enough to share it with these.  No, I don't particularly enjoy the fact that they are eating my flowers, but on the other hand if I could catch them I'd just take more photos!!!

Guess from now on I'll be taking my camera when I leave the house.  You just never know what's going to be around the corner!!!


kathleen said...


Well we have this herd at my townhouse and they fo eat everything but marigolds down to the nubs.
I was ditting my neighbors plants in pots and he darn deer ate her strawberries down to the soil then the pumpkin was eaten and they levt me a small piece. I was horrified... she was so proud of her pumpkin for her granddtr.. and I had to tell her when she got home

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Guess I'd better plant marigolds. We have a privacy fence around the back yard, but no gate across the drive.....may have to put one in next year to keep them out!

I need to find a spot to plant zucchini and pumpkin next year. Thanks for the reminder!

Neet said...

How fantastic - what a wonderful sight to witness.
Hugs, Net (UK)

di from di-did-it said...

how delightful! loved this post - both the photos and your story. I know many people dislike them because of the damage they do, but they're just hungry and we're invading their habitats. good for you for appreciating them in spite of your garden damage :)