Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vacation Journal p 2, 3, and 3a

Page 2 is a single page. This side is ready to insert a photo.

On the back side is a journaling mount. Every journal needs a place to write. But I think this will really inspire me to write - so pretty!

Page 3 and 3a. A little more difficult, just stick with me. 3a is a 2 page spread that fits inside page 3. The front is next. Isn't that bag adorable? Look familiar? You will need to purchase the EK success sticker - it's a bright blue bag. Use your undu to take it apart. Trace around it on any paper you want and reassemble it using your paper. Use the handles and stuff inside the pockets from the original sticker I even changed the ribbon to match my project.

So, on the left is the back of page 3, left side and on the right is the front of 3a. These will be for journaling. But I thought it was good to remind myself to take a monent and sit quietly and do nothing while we are on this trip.

This is inside p 3a. A photo mount on the left and then places to journal. Simply use a ruler and a glitter or pearl pen to draw lines on light colored paper for your notes.

On the back of 3a - it's a half sheet folded over and flips open. This is the open view. Double pockets for tags with a photo mount below. I plan to write above where the stripes are.

This is the closed view with a photo mount and a pocket with 2 tags in it. Now, a thought on tags. That's the letter "e" and a rubon "escape". Fun to make up any tag for your event that way. If I'm using paper that is not 2-sided, I will ink the edges of the back and put a photo mount on it.

This is the inside right side of p. 3. It's so easy to make a pocket by just putting tape on only 3 sides of a photo mount. So there's a tag behind the top photo mount on this one, but you could literally add more tags than I did. Each tag is a photo mount as well.

And this is the back right side of p. 3. I used Colorbox Celeron ink to edge every single paper, tag, embessishment. You don't have to do that, but I think ink really works to tie the entire project together.

Check back tomorrow night for more pages. I'm breaking them down a few at a time so you can put yours together and keep up with me!

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