Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Plain" dichroic glass

"Plain" because there's no silver in it....but I still love it. Such vibrant colors - so pretty.

These pieces are made from scraps. I just lay down a piece of black glass, put the tiny little pieces of scrap dichroic on that, then a layer of clear glass on top, and fire. They all fuse together, leaving some really interesting designs.

And interesting shapes. Now, I could grind these and fire polish again - which I actually do on a lot of my pieces, but I liked the way these fired the first time, so I'm leaving them alone.

It's probably like everything else in art - when is enough, enough? I keep thinking, I could refire with a piece of silver on top....I could cut, grind and shape.....I could fuse 2 pieces together to make a bigger just never ends! So, for now, these pieces are "done".

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Lotus said...

Loving these! Doesn't it sometimes surprise you, how some of the most beautiful pieces are made from scraps and throw aways?