Saturday, June 5, 2010

How tiny can you work with?

Get a ruler out and measure 1/8". It's tiny! The Star of David below is from a border punch and is just 1/8" in diameter! Let me tell you - not losing it, firing and POLISHING it - nearly impossible to do! Takes more time than I thought it would, so these will be "rare" pieces for sure!!!

I start with a layer of dichroic glass, then a layer of fired, polished silver (sometimes 2 layers) and then a layer of clear glass

Each piece is uniqu, one of a kind, and depending on how the glass slumps, I will grind the shape to refine it, refire to polish the edges and eventually, hopefully get a few of these up on etsy.

Dichroic is always such a surprise as I'm still not certain what color is going to come out of the kiln! I'm getting a little better....but there are still so many suprises. The good thing is that they are all fun!

Between yardwork, an upcoming garage sale, physical therapy for Kerry, cooking healthy, seems my playtime is dwindling. And I used to think summer was one big recess!!!


Lotus said...

Very beautiful!
The colors really set off the silver of your designs. Will they become pendants? pins?
Very cool!

Jen Lowe said...

these will all be pendants.