Friday, May 14, 2010

multi artists media

Yes, you read that right. Lots of time you will see multi media artist....but today, it's a multi artists media!

My friend, Peg Harper, does amazing polymer clay work. Her friend, Gertrud Mueller Nelson, does amazing sterling silver pieces. So, Gertrud made the sterling silver pendant, Peg put the polymer clay background in it and then I turned that into a wonderful necklace!

The work of multiple artists who work in a variety of mediums, coming together to create one gorgeous necklace!!!

Here's a close up:

It's called The Tree of Life.

And this week, I am donating over $2K worth of jewelry to Hadadi. It's an organization in Jerusalem that provides support to breast cancer survivors. My good friend, Yaffa, has survived cancer - praise Jehovah! and she is now working with this group and it really is a wonderful organization.

So if you ever thought you wanted to buy something that you've seen on here, I'll be posting the pieces I sent over in the next few days and you just might have a chance to buy it from Hadadi.

There is such beauty in creating and designing, but today, I think there is an even greater beauty in donating what you create to provide for those who are in need.

Many thanks to Peg and Gertrud for their help in this necklace!

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