Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 2 - Shavout

In the Diaspora (every place in the world except Israel) Shavout is 2 full days. So day 2, today, started at sunset last night and ends at sunset tonight.

In Israel, it was just one day. I wanted to know why. So, as part of my own personal continuing education, I googled it (what did we do before google?) The Laws and the Service of Shavuot. And there, it says, "no laborous work". For me, art is not "labor". So today, I played. I finished up a wonderful journal that will go with me on my trip to Israel.

Have you ever tried to tear and distress leather? Not as easy as you think. This started from a flat piece of cowhide. Pretty tough stuff! I used to tool leather. Years ago. Made wallets, purses, wall hangings. Hammered each piece to create a design. And I still have all those tools, dyes, and leather. Time to drag it all out and do something with it. Time to "start over" again.

The inside is all watercolor paper signatures. Hand torn to size.

And then I stitched it all together and beaded the spine as I went along. More work than I had anticipated, but the results are exactly what I had pictured in my mind before I started.

After the beading was done, I added charms

Definitely a one-of-a-kind watercolor journal

The top is a button cover from the Golden Bear in Vail, CO. I've had it for years. Sterling Silver. Definitely turns this into a keepsake.

Three feasts to be kept. Passover - a full week. Sukkot, a full week. Shavout - 2 days here, 1 day there. Study the Torah. When you finish, start all over. Sort of like art. When I think I'm done, when I think I don't have another idea...I simply start all over again.

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