Friday, May 21, 2010

200 crystals later.....

A leftover nicho box from the Starving Artists Playground last fall. The window is just 2" x 1 1/2", so pretty tiny. I decided to spray it white. Sure gives it a totally different look.

And then I individually set 200 swarovsky flat back crystals with the heat applicator.

Simply gorgeous hanging on the wall

Inside - a mini diaroma. I used a 10 shekel piece that I got on my last trip to Israel. The equivilent of about $2.62. But I liked the menorah on it. Added a menorah charm, some netting, a star charm, some flowers...

A close up of the crystals. 3mm in diameter. Working pretty tiny here.

It's about 1/2" deep, so you can get a little dimension as well.

Showcasing my keepsakes this week. What wonderful memories. What a great way to plan for our next trip in October. I must bring home more shekels to play with! I need to find more charms and pieces to design with. I best start making my list now!

Truly enjoying this phase of my art - making things that have meaning to me. The Star of David. My shield. My symbol that I am seeking His return.

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