Friday, January 29, 2010

and the winner is......

Remember Amaco had a butterfly contest? Look at the digital display on one of the walls in the booth - I just loved this design!!!

I think the booth was 30' long. Huge. The actual butterflies were on the center panel, shown here to the right.

Ambrose won for under 15. His sister made this one and it looked so stunning on the black velvet background.

Here's a better display of the project's wall:

Ambrose made this one as well, I like how they put them in nice wood frames:

And this is the butterfly he won with. He also made the dragonfly. Totally talented kid!

So huge congrats to Ambrose for making butterflies and a huge congrats to Amaco for sponsoring such a wonderful project. Ambrose gets a crystal etched trophy (I got to see it at the show!) and a $100 check! Wonder what next year's challenge will be!

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