Thursday, December 17, 2009

Night 7 - Eight Nights of Lights 2009

Tonight, it is the practice to reinforce the rituals of the past 6 nights. So, tell the story of the great battle, eat more good food, share some humor, play some games....and truly just enjoy the blessings of life.

This has been an incredible week. I go to bed each night saying my blessings. I wake up each morning with such a feeling of excitement. Why? Well....I haven't known what I was going to do except for the first night and tomorrow night! The rest....I've just left up to the "moment". And while there have been a couple moments of panic....for the most's been one of the most fun weeks of my life! This morning, I was clueless. So I got out every single thing I own that could be Hanukkah related. Spread it out on the table. Pulled out all the blue, white, silver, gold papers that I have. Pulled out all the crystals, buttons, beads.....and then I got to the acrylic. I had forgotten about the Messiah journal.

And that was it. I knew that just a few short hours....I had to start this journal. And while it's not's ready to finish! All that's left is to write my story....and I think I will write the story of this past week. Each day has been such a blessing. Filled with scripture reading, Hebrew study, creating, playing. And bless Kerry! He has just been so patient with me through it all! "Honey, can you fix lunch? I've got ink all over my hands and I don't think you want green chicken today!" or "Sweetie, can we go out for dinner tonight? I'm just way too exhausted to cook anything!"

(OK, it really helps to start everything with "Honey" or "Sweetie".....just give it a try!)

For my project tonight, I simply incoporated a lot of what we've been doing.....but I added a few new things! Isn't that all art is? We just do the same things over and over while we add new techniques, new products to what we do....and it's so much fun!

I love playing with acrylic journals. In my video I show you how to use alcohol ink to color acrylic....and not get that polished stones look! I know! We all want polished stones. But once in awhile, I don't want it - I want something that looks like I sprayed it on. But if you spray paint, you won't get a transluscent look. That's why I like using alcohol ink!

You can contact Scrapbook Your Life to order word books - pick any word you want...and you can go 3 rows deep!

The stamps are by Outliners.

For me, personally, nothing inspires me more than the Star of David. It is the shield that protected David in battle. It is the star lights the world. It is my sign that I am always seeking the Messiah. And it is His sign that I see in every snowflake that falls. Oh! To be so blessed! To be able to share my art with you! Hanukkah is not just 8 nights of lights - it's 8 nights of delight!!!

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