Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fracture n Fusion - unFractured

Jana Ewy is just a pro at fracture and fusion....but I just don't have the muscle power to cut strips. This week, I came up with a method that I'm going to put into a video later on. Not only can I cut the 1/4" strips that she is so good at, I can cut 1/8" strips, just as easily! YEAH!!!

So here I've done the background as 1/4" strips and the foreground is 1/4" strips.

I used the same color pattern in both pieces starting with gold on the left, then blue, then can see a bit of the difference in size here:

When I teach, I like to have samples to share.....and I like to have terms that everyone can understand. So I'm going to call these Quarter strips. That means that I cut the original friendly plastic into 1/4" strips and fused them together, then cut those strips into 1/4" strips.
Using the same 1/4" strips, the 3 on the far right were cut in 1/8" strips, so these are 1/4" x 1/8". We'll call these Quarter 8s.

Of course next, I cut the 1/8" strips by both 1/4" and 1/8".

So I think we can call these 8 Quarters and 8 Eights.

Totall confused yet? But I think as you start to line up the different cuts, you can see what fun you can have with this:

And even more fun if you put them into a cascading pattern like this:

If you look at this closely, you can see the strips that are 1/4" wide vs those that are 1/8" wide.....and then you can see the strips that have 1/4" sections vs 1/8" sections within each strip.

And you can probably start to see how designs and patterns could have simply endless combinations.

When will I get the video done? Well, as soon as I recover from my day went like this:

My dentist said I should have the blood blister removed from my lower lip. So I went to the doctor's office this morning. I told her that I have tried to open the blood blister and when I do, it just bleeds and bleeds like crazy, and when it closes, the blood just pools in the same spot again.

So, she set up her table and cut it open. No anesthetic at all. And it bled and bled and bled. So she has her freeze stuff and is spraying, trying to stop the bleeding. Press, release, spray. Press, release, spray.

I am thinking I like my doctor, I'll keep her, but I am going to get a new dentist - because he's the one who wanted the thing removed.

My doctor is starting to get a bit worried. It won't quit bleeding. And she keeps freezing it. Have you ever had anything frozen off? Bad enough to have it on your arm.....but on your lower lip??? By now, my teeth are freezing, too. She tells me to close my mouth, she is going to try again. I close my mouth. She is spraying and spraying and spraying and I'm trying to hold my breath, but finally, I have to take a breath in...through my nose, of course. All her stuff goes right up my nose. She gives up. Tells me I will have to go to an ENT and have it electrically cauterized.

Ear, Nose & Throat? This is MY lip!!!

By now, I know I am going to find a new dentist.

I drive home (1 hour) and the pain is so bad, I can barely concentrate on driving. My entire lip has swollen up something huge. Can't close my mouth. It's on fire, stinging, burning, throbbing. I decide the best thing I can do is just rest when I get home.

I walk in the door. Kerry takes one look and says, "you can't go out looking like that! Someone is going to think I hit you!"

Isn't love wonderful???



Pattyjo said...

How did you get the blood blister...did you bite your lip?
When did you go get it fixed?

Jen Lowe said...

Of course I bit my lip! LOL! Probably during some kind of experiment. Have had it a couple of years. Never gave it much thought til the dentist said I should have it removed. Just went to the doctor yestrday. Not fixed yet! Will have to go to an ENT next. Think I'll wait awhile for that experience!!!

Jodi said...

Oh my fun!

By the way, I was going to bring you some hot hot salsa, salty chips to dip in it and of course salted glass 'ritas. Sound good? I'm sooooo evil!

Jen Lowe said...

Jodi - you know I love you anyway! LOL!!!

peg said...

Jen, So sorry to hear of your horrific day. But seems you did have some fun with FP. Can't wait for the video. Was a little confused!!!!!! with all the 1/4 and 1/8. I'm sure you'll have a short cut for us and another new way to try FP
Thanks so much
Peggy S (New Boston,MI)