Sunday, November 8, 2009

1,500,000 children died

in the Holocaust. And The Holocaust Museum in Houston has a butterfly project.....collecting a handmade butterfly for each child who died.

And Amaco (bless their hearts!) is sponsoring a contest where you can win $100 and a whole lot more!

The deadline is now November 18.

And I've been having the best time ever helping all my friends make butterflies, teaching them what they can do with Friendly Plastic.....and just playing in general. So, my blog has been long forgotten!!!

This weekend, my sis, Colleen, used Fimo polymer clay to make this butterfly wing:

Then, after baking the wing, we used it to make a butterfly mold.

While she is making her own butterfly.....I decided to make one, too. And I think it turned out gorgeous!

Can't you just imagine having a tree covered with gorgeous butterflies like this? What a great idea for home decor!

So, 10 more days - plenty of time for you to make a butterfly.

One child gone. One butterfly in remembrance. It takes so little time. It means so much!

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