Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Something's gonna snap!!!

Susan's husband, Tony, predicted 8 - 14" of snow. Kerry predicted 4". Both were wrong!!! The snow sitting on top of my back rail measures at 16" right now......and you know some has already blown off!!!

This is a "red oak" and the limbs always go straight up - they don't branch out at all. Well, it had not lost it's leaves yet and the weight of the snow has made them branch out for certain. And no one ever even notices the swag lights on the deck - which are catching snw as well. But I think this photo shows how deep the snow on the deck floor is - half way up to the top of the rail!

If the red oak doesn't snap, then the towering oak on the right side of the house surely's almost covering the jacuzzi. Now, note the depth of the snow on the jacuzzi lid, even while it's been covered by the branches of the tree. Oh, and I went out at 7 am and knocked all the snow off both trees, so this is just what we've added since this morning!!!

These are the awning rails - only about 2" wide, if that....and look at the snow perched on top. You can also see that it is still coming down. Sigh!

It really is quite pretty. Pretty deep. Pretty white. Pretty cold. Pretty annoying as I can't even sweep a path for the puppies to go potty!

And it's not even's our FOURTH snow already....I think it's going to be one of those winters!!! If this keeps up and the trees don't snap.....I just might!!! LOL!!!


Susan Nel said...

oh it looks soo beautiful,,, we never ever see snow like this in South Africa so to me its absolutely beautifully.

Pattyjo said...

It looks so pretty! It just started to snow this morning and I got so excited about it I called my daughter to tell her. So far we only have a very light dusting. We live in Spokane.