Thursday, October 29, 2009

Never complain!!!

This is a photo that I took the weekend of the Starving Artist's Playground.....and man, didn't I complain about the snow that weekend?

I did manage last weekend to get the pads off the chairs and the lawn chairs all folded up and put away. Thank goodness!!!

So here's the same patio set on my deck this morning!!!! A bit of a different angle with the grill behind the table. NEVER complain! LOLOL!!!

And the extended view - we got about another 6" last night. The official total here is now 22.5" with another 3 - 6" coming today.

For all of you who have emailed me about how much you would love to be here right now.....come on over! I need help shoveling the driveway!


Carol said...

Bless you for the gorgeous photos! This is the only way I like snow. Born in NE. Raised there and ND. (So I remember this white stuff well!) Living in gulf coast Texas now! And I will not complain about the rain we are about to get nor today's 80 degree weather.

I have also enjoyed vicariously your 'play' time. I was not aware that friendly plastic was even still around. I cannot get over all that you seem to do with it! Thanks for sharing.

Jen Lowe said...

Note to self...Carol did not offer to come help shovel!


rarelizzie said...

You never do things by halves, do you Jen! And NO I am not going to volunteer to shovel snow, I have a huge amount of leaves to deal with instead. Mind you, I love a good snowman..... (no smutty comments please!)

Jen Lowe said...

at this point....we just shovel the leaes as well. They are now soaked into the gound and will just stay there til they dry out next summer!