Thursday, October 1, 2009

More pre-playground fun

Check out Jana Ewy's blog as she gets ready for the Starving Artist week from tomorrow!!! I cannot believe she is precutting all those strips! WOW!!!

And I've put out a call for your wants for 5 minute videos showcasing Friendly Plastic techniques. Now, give that some thought! We can't show you how to make a bracelet in 5 minutes! But we can show you what to do with bubbles that you don't want in 5 minutes! Just email me your thoughts! Hopefully in a few days we'll get some fun new videos up and running.

In the meantime, I'm cleaning the basement.....added 5 boxes of product to our little "store", have set up a massage/relaxation area that is all dark (probably won't be that quiet - not in this house with 25 women!!!) Tomorrow is our drop dead day for getting all the playground area set up. Linda will be here's all starting to happen way too fast!

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~~~ M ~~~ said...

I'd love a video about alcohol inks on Friendly Plastic. I e-mailed Linda about it, too. (Not sure if that's a 5 minute video project, or not. Just throwing out a suggestion.) I'd love to SEE someone do the ink technique. I keep ending up with mud, despite my best efforts. Even printed out tutorials I found online. I think I'm ink challenged. :-)

Have fun getting ready for the troops!