Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lessons Learned

I thought I'd share some of the things I learned.....just in case you want to sponsor a playground at your house! LOLOL!!! (call me - we'll talk!)

1. I learned that I will never ask anyone to bring me Galaxy chocolate from the UK again! Now, I do truly love this stuff....but I believe if I did the translation from stones to pounds....we had something like THIRTEEN pounds of chocolate brought in!

Everyone got their own bar, we set them out on the counter for everyone to eat....and all the leftovers are being donated to mom's retirement center! But oh my gosh - is this just the best chocolate ever or what??

2. I learned that I need to cut the food menu in half!!! On Friday night we started with a cheese and chocolate fondu party. Well, I only asked for 2 cheese and 2 chocolate fondues.....and we STILL have leftovers! Which we had for lunch yesterday! I sat out a card table at the end of my kitchen table and we managed to squeeze everyone around the table for what was just the most fun fondue party I think I've ever been to.

way too much food. But then I have to wonder - does more food mean more fun???

And yes, look in the lower right hand corner.....we got the blender, the ice and the alcohol out.....what's a party without mudslides and more? The entire kitchen desk nook was covered with even more sweet treats and desserts.

Now keep in mind.....this grew on Saturday by about 4 times as everyone else showed up!

Lesson # 3. When you tell crafters to "bring your own chocolate for the weekend" - understand that they each thought I meant for them to bring enough chocolate for the entire group for the weekend......when I thought I said to just bring what you would eat for yourself for the weekend!


4. I learned a lot about individual personalities this weekend!

Some of the gals just nearly peed their pants with excitement!!!!!

A few of the "newcomers" were just not thrilled at all about the concept of the "Naughty Girl" hat!!! I'm not sure what Sherry did to earn the honor of wearing fact, I learned that:

5. What happens in the playground....HAS to stay in the playground!!!

and there were a few "kids" who just had a fit when they had to wear the "hat"! Now, Now, Cheryl. You probably deserved to wear the hat.....wasn't it because you were the very last to arrive? And yes, I realize that you drove down from the mountains....and that there was a foot and a half of snow at your house.....and that the bridge on the road to my house was closed and you had to take a mega detour.....and you were only a few minutes late......

but you were the last to the first to wear "the hat"! LOLOL!!!

Lesson # 6 - it's just so much fun to play!!!

A sample of the focal bead Peg taught using polymer clay (yes, we did do some non-Friendly Plastic thing!)

and then twisted......

some of the improvisional caning that Tina did (I have to buy myself a professional extruder - does that count as something else I learned over the weekend?)

One of Linda's stunning adorned Friendly Plastic beads. Can you believe this is Friendly Plastic? You have to check out her blog to learn how to do this one!!!

Just amazing art - most of these are very last minute designs.....some of the techniques may not be posted on the artist's bog just yet. I'm going to try to add all their blogs to the right side of mine so you can find them a bit easier!

Keep checking back as there's still over 100 photos to go! LOL!!!

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