Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gorgeous Flowers!!!

You can only imagine our surprise when someone knocked on the front door last weekend to deliver this incredible floral arrangement!

accompanied by 2 boxes of hand made chocolates (now, I said "bring" chocolate - now have them delivered!!!)

A gift from Dawn Sandoe at Amaco to Linda, Jana, Liz and myself. But we did share them with the entire group! What a wonderful surprise! So much walking and running around on the main floor to see them that the "kids" in the basement sent a "spy" up to see what was going on! LOL!!!

I did a 10 minute fire sale in my Little Lucy Store in the basement and offered 25% off to the group. Hmmm....give a gal 10 minutes to shop and you will think there's a fire somewhere!!!

Here's Sherry attempting to do Jana's fracture and fusion technique....just one of the many fun things we were doing over the weekend.....

Just gorgeous close up!

I'm thinking at 5 - 10 photos per day - I'll be back to blogging daily for quite some time! LOL!!!

I think today I'll work on another one of my 5 minute videos to stick in tomorrow's blog! Now, if you don't life Friendly Plastic, just hand on as there's more to come!

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