Friday, October 9, 2009

For a good laugh......

If you want to see me at my very worst....and join the fun of our playground, check out Linda's blog

We're thinking we should run back to McGuckins and buy them all!!!


Needless to say, it's a Friendly Plastic blitz.

One of our instructors was in the ER yesterday with a kidney stone attack. I just do not know why she thinks she's too sick to come play. Hmmmm......I always thought playing was the best remedy for anything in life! Her class is to teach how to pound wire and wrap beads.

So I called out the troops! Linda, Jana and Liz are all making me wonderful, beautiful friendly plastic beads for the kids to play with. I've found plenty of wire to pound. We'll just pound our little hearts out on the basement floor and annoy the heck out of the neighboring kids!

Don't you wish you could come play? Even if I were 911 dead in the hospital....I'd yank out the tubes and be here!

OK, K, just teasing you!


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