Monday, October 12, 2009

The Butterfly Project

The playground has ended.....but oh my gosh...did we ever have fun! If you want that instant gratification (and you know you do!) you can go check out photos on Linda Peterson's blog. But over here, I plan to take it slow....drag it out over the next week....weeks?......month? that you can see the incredibly fine details in what we designed and created this weekend.

After all.....we are working towards submissions for the Butterfly Project!

Sizzix has a die called "Build a butterfly". It will cut right through Friendly Plastic. You will need to melt 2 strips together using either the griddle method. or by simply touching one side of each strip to hot water in a skillet and melting the 2 pieces together. That gives you a large enough platform to run through the sizzix with this die.

I did this 4 times....each with a different color of Friendly Plastic. Popped all of the parts out and started building butterflies. Now, here's where the fun comes in. You can melt all four layers together like this...and they will all sort of just melt down into one another.....

Or you can melt the bottom 3 layers and then take the top layer, melt that on a griddle so that the edges are nice and smooth, bend it in the center just a little and attach it to the bottom 3 melted layers.

Isn't the depth on this just gorgeous???

Here are the bottom 3 layers melted together. Now....keep in mind that your possibilites are endless. You could soften this up, give it some texture, put rubons on top of it, stamp into it.....I think we could have zillions of butterflies for this project just using Friendly Plastic and this one diecut!!!

And when you start putting them together on a simple sheet of scrapbook paper.....well..can't you see the possiblites for cards, layouts, journals and altered items?

And you wonder where the saying "Friendly Plastic is Fantastic" came from? Well....I think I know!!!

Stay tuned as I start to slowly share with you all the fun things that we created and designed this past weekend. I just uploaded 140 photos and realized quickly that I didn't take near enough!

Thanks to all our sponsors for their wonderful contributions to the playground! We love you dearly!!! And thanks to everyone who came and played. Yes, I'm exhausted.....but ready for next weekend when 17 women get together to go see the play "Menopause" - I can hardly wait!!!

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