Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thanks again, mom!

Today was my birthday and I always like to thank mom on this day.....so here goes!

Thank you for being my mom. I am so blessed because of you.

Thank you for inspiring me. And not just me, but everyone else. The stroke you had this past year really taught me a good lesson - that you can recover, you can start over, you can retrain those brain cells at any age to force your body to a 100% physical recover. An amazing lesson. And I am witness to proof that it can be done!

Thank you for encouraging me to study, to grow, to learn, to play, to share my memories.....

Thank you for teaching me to always ask "why".....even when I think I already know the answer.

But most of all, thank you for providing the foundation for my unshakable belief in Jehovah Yeshua Messiah.

I decided that since it's my birthday, I'd do a little research and I found out that I came into this world on the eve of Rosh haShanah 5711. The eve of the final day of the Jewish Year. The dawn of the last day of the Hebrew calendar.

If you know my mom, then I know you want to clone her and make her your mom....but sorry....I don't think she can be cloned!

So today, I share my gratitude for mom, for all she has done for me, and for all she continues to do!

Thanks mom!


Davinia said...

Happy birthday and very best wishes. What a lovely tribute to your mum, you are obviously a credit to her. Enjoy your day.

Cindy Cade said...

Happy Birthday to you Jen! I used to buy my mother roses on my birthday. We seem to be kindred spirits in so many ways. :-)