Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Speed painting

I think it's something like speed dating? You just move on to the next one without thinking about the last one? LOL!!! We did SIX paintings in 3 hours last night! Oh my goodness! And it was so much fun! So, in addition to the coffee painting that I blogged yesterday, here's what we learned:

2. Using hairy fibers/eyelash fibers to paint with

3. Upside down painting:

4. Salt Painting

5. Paper towel clouds and trees

6. Water and color

That's probably the reverse order of how we actually learned to watercolor paint...but I'm still stuck with the simple fact that we completed 6 paintings in 3 hours! Absoultely amazing!

And she repeated the classes yep, I did them all again. I tried to do them all just a little different and I learned that I am afraid to put down color. Most of mine are just too pale....but it's a start. I learned sooo much....and of course, will take these techniques and apply them to other mediums! in my Friendly Plastic? Look out world! LOLOL!!!


Campbell said...

I wonder.....if you could steep the coffee in alcohol instead of water to make a coffee "alcohol ink"?

Jen Lowe said...

oh....and then I wonder what "hot" alcohol might do to other ink colors........

Today is Basement Babes and we will be experimenting all day long!!!