Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Coffee anyone?

My youngest sister is here teaching free watercolor classes for 2 days.

This was done with coffee.

Oh! WOW!!! And yes....I did this!!!

We did 6 paintings in just under 3 hours tonight and almost everyone here had never painted before. It was just so much fun! I'll post more photos tomorrow.

Don't you wish you lived in northern Colorado? We sure know how to play!!!

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Ezju said...

I'm a Seattle based artist who paints sceens of coffee culture with coffee as the medium. I'm happy to see your coffee painting! If you are interested in seeing more coffee art please feel free to visit my studio site at http://www.nosuchanimal.net or my Coffee Talk Blog http://www.uncommon-grounds.blogspot.com which covers all artists and art coffee related. Keep up the great work!

- Ezju