Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It really snowed yesterday

This is a view of Pikes Peak - from about an hour if I can see the snow this well....that means there's about 5 feet on the top!!!

It snowed down to about 7000 feet. Really early this year! REALLY early! I am just not ready for it and not looking forward to our usual Friday snow!

So on our drive to Canon City yesterday, we pulled over and got out. This was way lower than any 7000 feet....this was down about 5000 feet.....and 2 - 3" in spots still on the ground at noon!!!

Of course, immediately after I snapped this photo and turned to head back to the car.....Shelly pelted me with the snow that was in her hands!

Sometimes, it's just hard to let the child inside you grow up!

Thank goodness for that!!!

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