Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Of all the pretty Friendly Plastic

I ever saw....I think this may be the prettiest! Ok, first, a recap of everyone else's bracelets....Using inlaid, splash and fracture n fusion techniques.......

So I decided to do it all in one bracelet! Here's some splash, and some rubons with copic markers, a little fracture on the sides

and this is an inlaid flower over marbeling

More fracture n fusion

and it all came together as one single bracelet!!!

And do you think it's over here? No....another piece to share tomorrow. But Shelly is here from Nebraska to start our fun Basement Babes weekend and we're headed over to Zamparelli's to get some dinner tonight! It's going to be such a fun weekend!!! But I promise, I'll finish our Friendly Plastic party tomorrow!!!

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