Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mostek & Moore

So if you take Susan's married name and my maiden name......I think it sounds like a couple of lawyers!!! What if we shortened it to just our first initials???? We'd be the M&M girls???? LOLOL!!!

I cannot than Susan and her mom and dad enough. They let me stay with them for a night and treated me to a completely and totally pampered day in San Diego.   I got to lay by her parent's pool and watch birds all day long.  OK, I do not know that I have ever watched birds OR sat by a pool that long!

Of course, that was after Susan taught at Scrapbook Your Life on National Scrapbook Day.  

Have you ever heard of an EMERGENCY class????  or how about an EMERGENCY demo?  Well, at Scrapbook Your Life, we are ever so accomodating.  Susan had students who wanted to learn how to do her second class, but already had commitments during the afternoon, so she did an "emergency" class.  We simply walked around the store and got enough new students to throw in a 3rd class for the day.  What a trooper!!!

And, of course, while Susan was doing an emergency class, I was on the other side of the room doing "emergency" demos.  I had posted a schedule of what demos I would be doing and when during the day....but we threw in a few "emergency" ones for those who couldn't get back to the store at the right time.

What a totally fun day!!!

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Anonymous said...

It's probably good that I don't live in the San Diego area or I would be more broke that I already am right now.