Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hey Jodi!!!

Jodi, Jodi, Jodi - never leave something at my house! LOLOL!

Jodi made a bracelet out of Friendly Plastic and it was gorgeous. Except something major went wrong when we went to shape it and it got a major air bubble on the back side....

which made a major boo boo on the front side!

So....she left it here. Hrumph!!! Now, do you think that was a hint for me to fix it for her? OK, Ok.....I did it!!! First, I softened the bracelet in water and then put it on the griddle upside down and let it melt totally.

Then I took a flat mat (I actually used a cut mat from the Sidekick Diecutting machine), greased it up and flattened the back out until it was near perfect.

Next I pulled it off the Silpat sheet, flipped it over....and flattened out the top

Then I trimmed up the edges 

By now, it's cool enough to handle and cut with scissors

Put it back on the griddle and let it soften one more time

Drape it over the mandrel and shape it.   It came out perfect!!!

No bubbles, no dents, no impression, no boo boos.....

A perfect fit - a perfect bracelet.  Aren't her chevrons just wonderful?

I am now completely convinced that you cannot ruin a piece of Friendly Plastic.  To be quite honest, I thought this was going to be trash....but by using these techniques....I've now totally saved it and even turned it back into a wearable piece of art.

So Jodi.  Since you left it here...is it mine?  



Anonymous said...

I do love the chevrons. You must blog her method or link to her blog about the method.

Linda Peterson Designs said...

Finders keepers.....

or is it fixers keepers????


Jodi said...

Oh my gosh Jen.... I can't believe you corrected that. I honestly didn't leave it on purpose... I'm with Linda, fixers...keepers! I think it looks awesome on you. Thanks for the lesson!

Jen Lowe said...

Now Jodi....you know I'm just teasing you! It's here waiting for you. Well - I'm at mom's so it's at home....just call Kerry and stop by and pick it up - it's right there on the FP table! :o)