Monday, April 6, 2009

Kindergarten 101

So, what did you learn in Kindergarten?  I was thinking about that last night.  I remember we took naps. Ok, so we were only there for half a day...yet we got out our little pieces of carpet and laid down on the floor and took a nap every single day.

When did I forget how to do that?  LOLOL!!!

I happened onto Melody Ross's blog the other day....she said, "I have needed rest and quiet from life..."

I like to keep up with Heidi Swapp because I just love her designs and in one of her recent blogs, she wrote, " i have been sitting here typing, and i keep falling asleep.  i am pooped...."

That's just 2 I came across.....but I think we are all running a little tired these days. Maybe we need to find our little pieces of carpet, pull them out into the middle of the room...and take a nap.

Of course, you do know that at my age if I get down on the floor....I will never get back up!


For some odd reason, I don't think I took naps. I think I laid on the floor and played!

And I get it from mom. She is making an amazing recovery from her stroke. But I think it's all because she doesn't know how to stop, how to rest, how to take a nap.

Today, Susan & Kathy came over and helped me put together kits for classes from 10 am - 3 pm. We skyped with Linda and Jana. Then 2 orders came in and I put them together to ship out tomorrow. I made 100 bottles of Wonder Goo. I went out to dinner with Kerry and picked up labels for the Goo on the way home. I blogged for Scrapbook Your Life! I watched an hour long technical video and did an hour of Bible Study. And I did all the other little routine things like feed the puppies, make the bed, fix breakfast, eat lunch.....

So what did you do today? And did you get your nap in? I forgot to take mine!!!


Anonymous said...

When I was of kindergarten age, there was no such schooling was available. I did routinely take naps, though, at home. Then for all the years I worked, napping was not a priority where I worked.
Now that I am retired, I take every opportunity to nap, even if is only pushing back in my recliner and catching a few winks.

Perhaps when Jen has friends over to "play" and "work," time should be taken for everyone to take a nap. LOL (I can hear the snoring already.)

Ginni said...

I didn't have kindergarten schooling either and I did take naps up until I started school. Work also interfered - until I was where I worked just a few blocks from home and had an hour's lunch. After a quick lunch, I kicked back in the recliner for 15 minutes - set the timer on the stove. Otherwise, there was no telling what I would be typing about 2:30 in the afternoon!! Now, naps are a vital part of my life!

Janet Hopper said...

Hmmmm.I will be 57 on Thursday and we did not have Kindergarten either. However...I am all for the nap thing! Everytime I get on the computer, I fall asleep!
Happy Easter!

Janet in Wisconsin