Saturday, April 4, 2009

advanced airbrushing

Isn't it just amazing the versatility of my crafting knowledge? I even surprise myself. But I just pull from my past and bring it forward to the present. Ah! The benefits of age and experience!!!

This piece is made from white paper. So this class will teach you how to use a variety of masks to create airbrushed backgrounds.

Plus...look at this. I've turned an acrylic journal into deocrative clear stamp storage....and even colored the clear stamps to match!!! How fun is that???

Now, go back and look at that first photo. Did you not even notice the miniature starfish (3D) have been airbrushed?

I'll show how to use a variety of items as masks, including nestabilities dies, frisket, masking paper......

diecuts, negative space, torn paper - and show you a clever way to store your paper masks! And as a bonus, there's a segment on using undu - oh, I do love that stuff! Hmmm...looks like someone undid one of my sandals! LOL!!!

If you like airbrushing with copics and live in the San Diego area, contact Scrapbook Your Life! for more details. This is going to be a fun class....and it's limited to just 12 students. And I'll only teach it once!

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