Saturday, March 28, 2009

Steampunk Bling!

OK - I just had to try this out. Now, you can google "steampunk" and decide for yourself where it came from and what it means....but I am going to give it my own definition.

Steampunk is recycling parts from previously used items that moved....such as watches, clocks, fans...and you take them apart and reassemble them onto a new background into a new shape. So my background is a heart made out of layers of Friendly Plastic Pellets....and I'm using watch parts, micro washers, jewelry parts, crystals, and create a piece that just makes my creative spirit want to move. I added the "bling" because I love using crystals and think it just makes steampunk a little more feminine.

It's all about movement! And I just absolutely love, love, love how this turned out!!!

and on a different background:

There's a bit of depth and I twisted 2 colors together:

Hey San Diego - want this as a class????

So I know, I'm supposed to be working with paper and diecuts and inks this week.....but I tell you....Friendly Plastic is just calling out my name and I can't let go. I have so many ideas and had to quickly put this one together as well.....more steampunk bling under glass:

Remember the snow??? It's still here! Thought I'd show you just how unhappy our little puppies are.....they just don't like the snow especially when it's deeper than they are!

And my back doesn't like shoveling all that snow either. Gives me an excuse to just sit and play a little while longer!

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