Friday, March 27, 2009

Brag Bags

I never take a purse anywhere....but I might have to change that. I just think this is so cute....and keep in mind...all the photos are in pockets, so you can brag about the kids today....the dogs tomorrow....the cats the next day....and change the photos just as often as you want!

I'm using photos of my cousins kids (Hi April & Nathan!) and Kerry's grandkids for this purse....because their ages lined up.

But you could use K-4th grade, or ancestors, or photos from your last vacation.....anything you want! There are five 1x2" photos on this side.....

and 2 business card sized photos on this side.

I love the clear pockets. Now here's another idea....take the 1x2" inserts and cut them down to 1x1" inserts....and cover the entire side with inchie stamped designs. And yes - it's another class for San Diego - I think we'll have to go shopping with our new Brag Bags when we get them done!

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