Monday, March 30, 2009

It's a Monday!!!

Woke up to snow. Kerry was scheduled to fly home this morning so I got up and quickly cleaned up the house and then it happened - he paged me that the flight had been delayed! He told me to go to United online and watch the flight from there. I did. The web said the flight left 30 minutes ago!!! So I paged him back and he called me. He was on the plane, but it had not left the gate.

We decided that means if you get on the plane - the plane has left - whether it has or not.

So I thought - I'll open up that box of product over there and get my orders out to my students. (I have a little store here and will order things that the girls need to play with.) Guess what? Half the order was missing. I couldn't fill anything! So I emailed the vendor.

Snow. Delayed flight. Product missing. I think I should have just gone back to bed for the rest of the day!! LOLOL!!!!

But I did get my class samples done and boxed and shipped to Scrapbook Your Life! Kerry's plane got into DIA almost 2 hours late and we did get back home about 1:30 pm. And it quit snowing. But it really has been one of those days!

Back to last night's topic - forcing myself to go simple.

I really did stretch myself with this one. I love might be the new "me"!

You have to look real close to see the faint white swirls and the penwork. It took about an hour to ink this one....And you can see the white work a whole lot better in person. Don't know why the photo looks crooked in the's perfectly straight on the layout - I actually had to go measure it after seeing the scan. LOL!

So, both girls were wearing hot pink, black and white....yet I've used totally different colors for their layouts. And that will be a class I teach - how to pick your colors and papers to go with your photos. I think it will be fun!


Ginni said...

They both are so not you, but I like them both, especially the one of Nina. The softness of it really makes her stand out!

Jen Lowe said...

It's so much fun to not be me!!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Kerry has two adorable granddaughters. And, your layouts are adorable too. Each one is different in their own way. See, you can do "simple." LOL