Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My funny superbowl story "I Won!!!"

We only had 26 people over at our house on super bowl Sunday. The kids and I made beads and jewelry with polymer clay:

OK, you do know I define "kids" without any age limits!!!

I think every inch of our house was packed with people...or food. I covered my stove top with a craft mat (how clever is that??) and used the island to serve just the appetizers!  The pizza was on the kitchen table, dessert was over on the kitchen desk and the other countertops were loaded with chips, dip, condiments, bread, crackers, utensils, plates,cups....all the drinks were out on the back deck or in the fridge in the garage.

We brought up 2 rows of chairs behind the one sofa - you couldn't begin to walk through here:

Obviously, I didn't get to watch much of the game at all - not sure I could have handled all the noise with each touchdown!  But Kerry asked if I wanted in the pool and I said, "sure"!

 It was $20 to enter and each quarter was a $100 payout with an additonal end of game payout of $100.  OK - yes- they had to explain to me that the end of game was in case it went into overtime and there was an additional score for the overtime "quarter".  Yep, you got it, I'm NOT a huge sports fan!

I decided to join the group for the last 2 minutes of the game.  They started looking at their grid and someone says, "who is JL?"  I immediately raised my hand - not bothering to even consider that someone else might have my same initials!!!  LOLOL!!!

You guessed it!  I won the final quarter pool AND the end of game pool!  $200.00!!!  And I only watched TWO minutes of the game!!!

You know, I just might have to enter the pool twice next year!   Now, Kerry and I rarely have parties at our house.  OK, we rarely have small gatherings at our house outside of my Basement Babes group that meets once a month.  Last weekend was just so much fun and I'll have to confess, I'd do superbowl Sunday all over again!  

A special thanks to all my artists who came to play with me over the weekend!  You truly brought joy to my heart!!!

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Ginni said...

Some people can be so lucky!! Congrats!