Saturday, February 21, 2009

The International Basement Babes

Once a month, I have a group of local artists come play at my house. We used to meet in the basement....and thus the name "Basement Babes". Shelly would drive over from Nebraska when she could make it....and Rose would come from Wales - yes - as in fly in from the United Kingdom to play!!!

Here's Susan & Marcia - 
Kelly drives about 45 minutes to come and play. Nancy came over from Nebraska with Shelly:
Rose came from Wales - her 4th time to Basement Babes!

Kathy drives almost an hour from the other side of Denver.....
Karen lives here, Shelly is from Nebraska.  They were pen pals for 10 years....and now come to play with me!

Kerry had to spend the day working in his office, so Hayden (Rose's husband) got in a lovely nap!!!

I am so honored that these women come here to play.  They inspire me beyond words.  And I learn so much from each one of them.  Seems that we have a group of about 20 or so....but each month it seems to change depending on who can come and who can't make it.  Oh, Sherri popped in for lunch and a quick visit and I didn't get her photo this month!  I keep forgetting that we agreed to do a group photo each month...I'm going to have to stick a note on the fridge!

So much fun to have a group of such extremely talented artists in my "neighborhood"!!!  Definitely "international" at this point!!!  It's the 3rd Thursday of almost every month so if you can fly in, just let me know!!!  I promise, we'll treat you like a celebrity....until you've been here 4 times....then you're just another one of us....playing for a day, gabbing, chatting, eating, sharing, laughing and giggling.  Oh my - it's definitely cheaper (and better!) than therapy!!!


Anonymous said...

thank you for not posting my picture


Jen Lowe said...

Well you just blew your own cover! LOLOL! I didn't even mention you were order to avoid posting your photo! Silly girl!!! But thanks for the laugh this morning!!!